Harvest Time International Ministries, based out of Findlay, Ohio, Pastor Alfred JR. and Jill De La Cruz began in 2012 from a God-given vision to minister to the lost, the broken, the defeated and the people society has rejected and discarded.  By focusing on Christ, we are able to help these individuals transform their lives and give them hope while sharing the Gospel.

We accomplish this though witnessing by the Power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, our Manna Ministry House ministry for men, one-on-one consultation in-house as well as the local hospitals and addiction recovery institutions, jail and prison ministry, and street evangelism.

Our mission is to continually combat the life-style(s) that keep people in bondage (drug and alcohol addiction, depression, suicide, substance abuse, and people whose lives seem to be out of control…) we give the individuals a safe environment for them to grow and break the chains of sin.

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